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Water Slides, Showcase

The Double Fun Splash Slide is new in July 2012. It is enormous, being over 18' feet in height and having TWO parallel slides. It can be used dry for a really fun time, or the water unit and hose can be hooked up for a marvelous wet time on a hot day. The bottom of each slide is has a 3" splash pool. There is nothing else like this inflatable waterslide in Thunder Bay or anywhere else in Northwestern Ontario.

The Wild Wave Mini is new in 2016. It is still a fair size, industrial quality waterslide, but a bit smaller (14' tall) and lighter (two-thirds the weight) than the Double Fun Splash Slide. It has one 9' slide which can be used dry or wet. It is still super fun but less expensive than the Double Fun Splash Slide!

The Great Niagara Water Slide is the biggest thing to hit Northern Ontario, new in 2015! IT IS 58' LONG!!! It is 13' wide, and 25' tall with a 15' slide! Participants climb up the stairs and slide down the waterslide and coast for a long time down to the bottom. There is nothing else like this slide. It is double the size of the Double Fun Splash Slide, with a much taller slide, and more than twice the distance of the run. This is also the most expensive of the units and the heaviest, with discounts for helping with local transportation and especially with set up and packing up.