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Inexpensive Castles, Showcase

The Misty Kingdom has the same 10' by 10' bouncy area and the same vivid colours that the BlastZone Castle has but it has a taller, wider slide in an adjoining section rather than the two small slides out front. It will fit 6 small children at one time. This castle is fairly lightweight and easy to transport, set up, and pack up.

BlastZone Castle

The BlastZone Castle is our smallest castle with a 10' by 10' bouncy room and a two 5' slides extending alongside the front stairs. It is easy to pick up, set up and pack up. The BlastZone Castle fits about five small children. You can pick up the BlastZone castle for a party for as little as $75 + HST, or we will deliver AND set it all up for you, and pack it up, for only $125 + HST.

The Bouncers are simple and sweet. There is mesh surrounding the bouncers so young kids can better be controlled and balls can not easily be taken out of the bouncer. The bouncer itelf is very bouncy, and is also the least expensive inflatable to rent. It can be rented in conjunction with other inflatables for a large discount.